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We, like you are aspirational.

We understand what it is to want to be part of something greater than ourselves – the bigger picture – the vision.

You have landed  here, because you are looking for something different – and we are a little different – in that we tune into your aspirations and bring them to life.

Yes, we get it done – but we are not about assaulting your consumer whenever and wherever we choose.

Instead you will find us quietly   reacting to your consumer’s current mental state and situation, building comfort, consistency and positive emotional associations over time.

We align you with the needs and interests of the consumer you are attempting to influence.

We have found that this fluency brings familiarity and liking. And top-class results. And do you know what? We love it.

What can we do to help you?

Well we know that every business owner needs a brand framework and clarity of vision to take them to the next level.

Securing the kudos of media coverage is the natural progression of any business owner looking to up level.

We also know that we need to challenge ourselves to look deeper, ask questions, and demand truthful answers when it comes to the opportunities that will best serve you and your vision.

In order to raise awareness, we must raise the awareness of ourselves and take action to become stronger and more resolute in our personal principles and decisions.

The media is the ideal platform share stories, product or service, reaching thousands of people if the right opportunity lands for you. The results can then be shared via social media and in your marketing enabling you to speak with a clear voice.  

We can help you to create that framework and clarity of vision – we hold your space as you make that important leap.

We help you check in with your blocks, work out who you want to reach and how best to do that. We are passionate about information overload and ‘over exposure ‘and will work with you to determine the best approach for you. Learn to tune into when it is a planning phase or an active phase for you. Brand awareness on your terms.

We will help you connect your dots to help your business go from strength to strength.

Connecting the right stories to the right journalists, so they reach the right people.

About  Connecting the Dots

Available NOW on Amazon.

If you are curious about working with the media or want to understand more about publicity and what it can do for you. Together we can explore how to reach the people who need to know about your brand, product or service.

That’s where Connecting the Dots comes in. Connecting the right stories to the right journalists, so they reach the right people.

This book is a three-act story: a bit about my own journey in PR, a version of my Brand Alchemy Session – which includes tried-and-tested publicity methods you can apply to your business if it feels right to you– and the tools you need to prepare yourself to be SEEN.

        We rise together.

When we come together, the vibe and intention  becomes stronger, more potent.

With this in mind, I have created the ‘Connecting the Dots Together’ membership group.

The membership is designed to ebb and flow with you and your energy. Whilst maintaining and holding that intention you want to share and be of service.

My hope is this space is loving and supportive, somewhere to bounce ideas, share contacts and our stories and skills. Whilst pitching into the media to secure the awareness you where destined to receive.

There will be other magical folk I will introduce you to. Ranging from journalists, experts on mindset, social media, copywriting and publishing if you are feeling called. This will be your group, to help you connect the dots you need!

There will be months when you don’t feel like sharing, and others you are on fire.

We will hold you through it all and rise together.


Love, Sarah

What you actually get as part of the membership

*note: 6 months minimum sign up

* Full Alchemy Session (worth £888) 

  • Session with Sarah to uncover blocks, gain clarity on your offering, a suggested media list and a framework to flow within. 
  • Full Presentation outlining suggested PR strategy for next 6 months - Including Story ideas, media vision board, suggested approach  

*Connecting the Dots Together tribe

  • Join private facebook group 
  • 2 group calls a month
  • Accountability and supportive tribe uplevelling together
  • Mini masterclasses
  • 30 minute power session (any sessions thereafter £88*)

*Connecting the Actual Dots

  • Media lists for your use, 
  • Support with pitches
  • A copy of Connecting the Dots
  • How to guides to help you find your way 
  • Access to media – introductions and opportunities relevant to you

Membership is £248 per month - sign up is 6 months minimum



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