We have a selection of 121 services available to you

Getting Started

A great place to start is to meet over video to discuss your needs – we can get a sense of the story you want to tell and how that will manifest itself in the press.  We will then provide you with some recommendations and go from there – and just to be clear our first 15 minute meeting costs nothing but your time.

Mini Alchemy Session

This session is great if you don’t have a long term plan or want to ask me something specific. This is designed as a practical working session with some magic thrown in – so great if you are clear on what it is you want to share – or you want to walk away with some clarity on next steps.

You fill out my questionnaire in advance –  that is used as a basis for the chat, and if you need media contacts pulled, dots connected, ideas for something specific this is the session to book. I will also pull some cards to make it fun!

Say you need someone to help you write a press release to talk about your new book, or you have a new lotion or potion you want to get in front of specific titles – we can talk around the immediate ask and at the end of the call you will have some clear steps and tangible action to take forward. 

One hours session costs –  £122

Alchemy Brand & PR Strategy Session

This session can either run as a one off, or to set us on the road to up levelling your Brand/Product or Service prior to the VIP PR support services. 

A 90minute session, where we explore together, your brand essence, messaging, blocks around communications and target audience.

In this session we will also talk around ideas for how marketing / social media could be used to further enhance any publicity you are thinking of doing.  At the end of the session, we will provide you with a clear strategy and ideas on how to take things forwards. You can either do this yourself or we can embark on a VIP Brand Awareness campaign.

What you get includes clarity on: 

  • A view of the past – your story 
  • Key target audience – tribe you wish to attract
  • Vision board of publications to attract
  • SEO terms
  • Themes for article ideas for the next 6 months
  • Content calendar and article ideas mapped to specific media audiences
  • Insight into how PR can weave into marketing and social media efforts 
  • Future – capture your Everest moments / goals 

We have availability for 4 of these per month – Investment: £888

High Vibe: VIP Brand Awareness Campaign

This is our VIP service. It is here we will offer Brand and PR consultancy and hold your space as you up level.  We become a trusted advisor in the visibility mix. The better we get to know you – the better we can support you.

We will take your Brand & PR Alchemy session results and will implement your chosen strategy for you. We will create a pitch in alignment with your essence to enable us to reach out to your chosen media titles. We will monitor relevant opportunities and approach those titles in alignment with the themes identified in the strategy. We will endeavour to secure coverage in the publications in alignment with your brand. We will also if appropriate create copy and articles for placement.  We can also provide suggestions around social media and help you to create a marketing framework so all external communications can flow together and on your terms.

These spots are limited to 2 per month.  Minimum engagement length 6 months – Investment: £1000 per month 

Media Magic: PR Support  

We can offer PR support – this includes creation of a press release or pitch, sell in of the release / pitch to selected and agreed media. This would typically be to launch a product or a service.

We will also monitor opportunities and approach those titles on your behalf to secure coverage. Note: this does not come with any marketing or social media consultation. And whilst we make magic with the media every day, we cannot ever guarantee results in national press overnight.

Limited to 4 spots a month. Minimum engagement 3 months – Investment £500 per month

Praise for Alchemy…

Sarah’s whole approach to PR has opened my eyes to working with the media in a soul-led way. Our Alchemy session was a magical experience in itself – the way Sarah held space, set intentions, and could see clearly who I need to call in was so refreshing. The PR angle of content overlaps with what I do, but the way Sarah sees things is so different. Since working with Sarah, I have been booked onto multiple podcasts, had an appearance in mainstream media, confidently pitched and been accepted to a raft of online publications, and set in motion a plan to reach more people with ease. Calling in PR really can be an energetically aligned experience, and I am so grateful to Sarah for her incredible insights, and expertise.

  Jo Gifford