About The IndigoSoulPR Tribe

Meet the Owner – Sarah Lloyd 



In the media and PR business for 23 years, Sarah Lloyd quit her global corporate role in 2017, in a bid to be a master of her own and to bring a better balance to her life, which led her to setting up her own PR and Brand Consultancy – IndigoSoulPR. 

An intuitive and Reiki Energy Master herself, she specialises in working in ‘flow’ so has thrown the rule book out the window. Her mission is to teach and guide others to share their stories, without fear, on their terms.

Specialising in her own brand of magic based, conscious PR and communications – her Alchemy strategy sessions help to ignite the fire within, acknowledge blocks, and help to transmute all that has held clients back from stepping up and sharing their mission and purpose.  

She classes Merlin and Mary Magdalene as her spiritual counsel; and is a graduate of the SEED Network – led by author and Women’s Empowerment Guru Lynne Franks.   

In March 2020 her book Connecting the Dots – ‘A Guide to making Magic with the Media’ was published via the Unbound Press. She is also a radio presenter on Wellbeing Radio –  her show explores all the ways to share your story on your terms in all areas of your life.  She is also the Publicist for The UnBound Press and That Guys House Publishing House. And in 2020 became a judge in the Soul & Spirit Awards. 

She has worked with a mix of clients – including authors and entrepreneurs as well as small and large businesses – to build awareness of their brands and products in a magical and purposeful way.  

When not working, Sarah can be found at the bottom of the garden pottering about in the greenhouse, dropping crystals at sacred sites, attempting to practice Yoga, or outside enjoying the countryside with her two girls. 




Meet the Copywriter – Em Mulholland

Em Mulholland is a conscious copywriter and energy healer based in Yorkshire, UK. Em has a background as a commercial lawyer, but decided to move away from the coalface of litigation in order to pursue her passions of working more fully with words and energy just as the world turned topsy-turvy in early 2020. Em has collaborated with Sarah on numerous projects to date; drafting press releases, blogs for an international yoga swami and producing copy for the Mindful Living Show 2020. Em has written articles on crystal healing and spiritual connection for various magazines, including Soul & Spirit on several occasions.

She is the newly appointed sub-editor and columnist for Indie Shaman Magazine, and from 2021 will be a quarterly features writer for Untamed Soul, a brand new online spiritual publication which is focused on tapping in to your authentic soul self.

Em is fascinated by the interplay between energy healing and mental health, and started an Instagram account (@one_spiritual_mother) exploring this after the birth of her son in 2016.

She regularly works with crystals and incorporates their healing properties into her energy work sessions; she is a Celtic Reiki Master, Metatronia®Therapist and trainee Shamanic Practitioner. As of November 2020, Em will also be a certified Sacred Heart®Healer – a modality deeply connected to Mother Mary and Joan of Arc.

When not working, Em can usually be found roaming in the woods, practising yoga, stuck in a good book or more often than not, running around after her son (who seems to be powered by a well-known brand of batteries).

Meet the PR Consultant – Kayleigh Johnstone

Cheshire-based Kayleigh Johnstone brings a wealth of experience in media relations and communication. With a public relations background specialising in consumer product, travel and hospitality, Kayleigh runs an agency dedicated to supporting other PR professionals with office management, press office function and generally keeping them organised.

Kayleigh began working with Sarah and the team at IndigoSoulPR in 2020. She supports with media outreach, pitching, client liaison, content creating and is helping with administrative structure as IndigoSoulPR flourishes and expands.

Kayleigh is known within the agency as the “Rainbow Bridge”, connecting the 4D clients with the 3D world, and bringing a mainstream perspective to the magic based PR and communications that IndigoSoulPR offers.   

When not working, Kayleigh spends time with her young family, enjoying the beautiful countryside of Cheshire, or playing games on her phone.


What does success look like?

We are often asked this question – and this where we will differentiate from others in this space.

Success looks like whatever you have deemed it to be.

We believe that success is all down to the energetic investment that you are willing to make.

If you are looking to hire us to do a job for you – we are the wrong partner for you. If you see this step as an energetic investment in enabling you to get to a point in time, then we can make magic together.

If you said to me – I want to be in a national newspaper, I want to be on TV, and I want to appear in one podcast a month. And we magically made those three things happen – everything about those things where aligned to your message and you were raising awareness within your desired audience.

Simply put I would say you have been successful. It was a success. But I guess the bottom line is – how do you feel? Do you feel it was success?

Of course, it doesn’t just end there, it is a marathon not a sprint, and we will all have those Everest moments we work towards – but that’s just it, there are LOTS of Everest moments we can be appreciative of.

For we measure our ‘results’ or ‘success’ through the quality of coverage, the conversations that are started AND the dots you are connecting along the way.

Small chain reactions, dots connecting, creating True Abundance through Divine Timing.

What is meant for us will never pass us by.

Clients have seen success in the following titles