About IndigoSoulPR

Meet the Owner

In the media and PR business for 20 years, Sarah Lloyd quit her global corporate role in 2017, to set up her own PR and Brand Consultancy – IndigoSoulPR. An intuitive and Reiki Energy Master herself, she specialises in working in ‘flow’ so has thrown the rule book out the window. She works with a mix of clients – including authors and entrepreneurs as well as small and large businesses – to build awareness of their brands and products. 

What does success look like?

We are often asked this question – and this where we will differentiate from others in this space.

Success looks like whatever you have deemed it to be.

We believe that success is all down to the energetic investment that you are willing to make.

If you are looking to hire us to do a job for you – we are the wrong partner for you. If you see this step as an energetic investment in enabling you to get to a point in time, then we can make magic together.

If you said to me – I want to be in a national newspaper, I want to be on TV, and I want to appear in one podcast a month. And we magically made those three things happen – everything about those things where aligned to your message and you were raising awareness within your desired audience.

Simply put I would say you have been successful. It was a success. But I guess the bottom line is – how do you feel? Do you feel it was success?

Of course, it doesn’t just end there, it is a marathon not a sprint, and we will all have those Everest moments we work towards – but that’s just it, there are LOTS of Everest moments we can be appreciative of.

For we measure our ‘results’ or ‘success’ through the quality of coverage, the conversations that are started AND the dots you are connecting along the way.

Small chain reactions, dots connecting, creating True Abundance through Divine Timing.

What is meant for us will never pass us by.