Yo, Sarah… what’s this about again… this #celebratingmagicalconnection thing?

Well I’ll tell you.

PR is when someone else says you are good.

One thing I am good at is promoting others.  I talk about this a lot… Sarah and her bloody dots, we should acknowledge all our dots.

Publicity isn’t just about media coverage.

It’s about the dots – the doors that open – the people we connect with – the inspiration and lessons we learn along the way. I wanted to honour the connections I have made along the way throughout my 3-year journey as Indigo Soul PR. The people, the businesses I have worked with, or have been inspired by. And to share the brilliance and offers they have available, in case one of you are inspired or need some magic in your life. #CelebratingMagicalConnection

And perhaps others will do the same, about their connections, sharing their stories.

  • It costs nothing to tell people they have inspired you.
  • It costs nothing to talk about the magic they have brought into your life.
  • And the feeling they get when they know they have changed a life – well it’s actually pretty special.

Why don’t we do this sh*t more?

Stories are meant to be shared. Humans are meant to connect. We are all connected.

Love, Sarah

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