Cosmic Connections

 Is a hybrid container. A step away from the standard VIP ‘PR that is done for you’.  

A vision where we meet the client in the middle.


The liminal space where magic is created.

We will share our wisdom, knowledge, expertise and connections.

We will hold spaces for the magic to drop in.


This programme is ideal for anyone who has already started their awareness journey.

I suspect you will have been in business for a few years but want to increase your visibility and impact, share your story in a way that feels aligned to your business, and reach more of the clients you know are out there waiting for you?

Are you looking for an approach that feels transformational, easy, effortless and nurturing.  

The Cosmic Connections Container is a step up from the Connecting the Dots Membership.

If you are looking for a more hands on approach, but want to understand how to connect the dots yourself whilst allowing space for magic to flow, then this is the place for you.

A framework to flow within – a space to share ideas – get clarity on your dots and practical ways to connect them.

You will also have the option to hang out with the Connecting The Dots collective. When we create a collective such as this, heart centered and with the same mission to bring more love back into the world. We can create incredible friendships, connections, successes whilst sharing our stories around the campfire.

We can’t wait to dance around the fire with you. 

I appreciate it can be scary or hard to keep on top of sharing your message, when as business owners have so many other plates to spin.  

So I have designed this transformational container to gently help you connect your dots, support you, keep you focused, bust through blocks, allow space for the magic to manifest…and help you to share your story when the time feels right to you.

What is included? 

Cosmic Connections 

Magical Mentoring and Cosmic Connections Container

This container is desgined especially for leaders, changemakers and those wanting to level-up with support. This is a hybrid of the traditional done for you service, I have previously offered clients.

Only this time we are meeting in the middle. 

We will enter a cosmic dance together, opening up spaces for creativity and magic to appear, allowing easy connection and increasing our presence in the world. 

We start with a magical alchemical session that sets the intention and which provides you with a framework to flow within. We will share tried and tested formulas for connecting with the press and outside your comfort zone. We help you to connect your dots, in a way that feels good to you.

It is an opportunity to connet with the membership AND working with me directly. So you get the  space to create as a collective and access to my 23yrs experience 121. We will work in collaboration to build your brand over a 4-6 month period – honouring the spring and summer energies – allowing the fruits to appear in our autumn months. 

Included is: 

  • Full Alchemy and Conscious Connections Session – worth £888*
  • The Alchemy Deck – outlines key target audiences, your brand essence, your media vision board, suggested conscious awareness programme and elevator pitch. 
  • Two monthly group calls with the rest of the membership group (every other Monday at 9.30am or 7.30pm GMT)
  • 2 x one hour sessions with Sarah every month (one session for magic, one session for practical) 
  • 3 x pitches ready for you to use (or a press releae and distribution)
  • A copy of Connecting the Dots Book
  • Access to relevant media opportunities 
  • Support in connecting and pitching with press and relevant communities  
  • Access to the Connecting the Dots Online course 
  • Masterclasses from key journalists and other branding experts
  • WhatsApp Group
  • A space in Mighty Networks
  • Access to the PR Toolkit (how to write a press release, how to pitch to press, hooks to get you noticed and outlets you can secure coverage within asap) – worth £28.88*

Investment in yourself is £1,111 per month for 4 – 6 months. Minimum sign up is 4 months.

The container opens up on 1 May and finalises at the end of October. 

Note this is in place of a traditional done for you service. 

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