We can also offer you the choice to DIY through enrolling our online course where we teach you the basics in 30 days.  

Connecting the Dots: the Course

If you want to do it yourself as many of us do, you can also sign up to connect your own dots through our online course. The course lasts 30-day with each module taking you through each part of the process, with easy to follow homework.  We will even help you to locate the first few media contacts and help you write your first press release. We will also run regular check in’s in a Facebook group set up especially for participants so you can ask questions 121.

Note: We will always suggest that you think about awareness of your brand, product, book or service as a journey – the whole picture – a holistic approach. Sure, we can secure (and have done countless times) a few pieces of coverage to support your plans. But to truly have an impact and up level we would suggest a longer-term strategy.  The recommendation will always be to ensure you have thought about the whole brand and how that will reasonate externally, and we will create a bespoke strategy in alignment with your needs.

Facebook group

You can sign up to receive freebies, tips, commentary, industry observations and even the odd media opportunity.


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