Thank you for being curious!

Are you an introvert?

Does the feeling of getting visible leave you cold?

It doesn’t have to.

You can share your message on your terms.

Here are my Top Five Tips to get you started on your conscious awareness visibility journey.


It can be so hard for an introvert to share their story. I know, because I am one. An introvert with decades of PR experience in getting my soul and heart-led clients publicity… and visibility for myself along the way.

As a successful business owner, you know PR should be part of your marketing strategy. You’ve probably thought about it over and over. Maybe you’ve even taken the plunge (in the shallow end), but backed out at the last minute.

This download offers you five ways to start getting visible in a way that feels comfortable for you. Tried and tested first steps any business owner can take to start to share their message on their terms.

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Love Sarah x


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