Connecting The Dots is PR, but with a radically different approach.

We hold space for magic, for alchemy, for the energetic cycles of the group and the collective.

We honour the ebb and flow of energy, creative cycles that naturally occur. We know the importance of combining the masculine energy of a plan in place with the feminine flow of allowing events, ideas and opportunities to unfold and drop in.

There are times when some of our members are feeling blocked, needing to step back, or don’t want to be sharing their stories. The truth is that often in that liminal space of the void is when a new idea is coming to life, or a new layer of expansion is happening at soul level (on a human level it often feels more chaotic than that, as we can all relate to!).

Conversely, there’s other times in their cycles when they do want to be sharing their stories and being more visible; when content creation is prolific, confidence is high, and opportunities are flowing in.

By honouring where everyone is in their energetic cycle and needs, the true essence of what we are here to share is allowed to come through when it needs to.

We have a structure and an outline of what we are aiming for, but allow space and flexibility for co-creation, synchronicity, and magic.

We may not all be blooming at the same time in terms of being seen, but what’s so lovely is that the energy is always going in the same direction, so we amplify each other and we attract more and more opportunities and more doors opening for us all.

The alchemy session that clients have before joining the group really kicks off an energetic shift in attracting opportunities for platforms, connections and coverage.

The deck itself outlines a plan, but the magic of the alchemy session goes way beyond a set of digital pages – it’s a moment in time when the client is really seen, I reflect their achievements and unique story back to them, and we co-create a vision that calls in opportunities that are an energetic match.

The group container is such a powerful element that really builds on that 1:1 magic; when we can’t see our own greatness, there is a collective of like-minded, energetically aligned and values matched humans who can.

Connecting the Dots is a collective of incredible souls doing great work in the world. As a group, we can hold each other accountable, lift the energy of the whole when we ebb and flow, and we work with magic and mainstream to create change in the world by sharing the work we do.

If this feels like a place you could get comfy in, we’d love to have you!

Love, Sarah x