Holding space for heart centred entrepreneurs to grow, share your story and connect to the right PR opportunities and contacts.

Do you feel that more people need to hear about your story, but feel unsure about what you should be sharing?

Does the idea of public relations feel like a hard sell, and give you the ‘fear?

Do you feel that by reaching more people, you will be able to help more people?

Maybe you’ve been in business for a few years and are ready to increase your impact.

You want to share your expertise to help people, but it has to feel aligned to your soul-led business.

You know clients are out there waiting to be helped by you, but don’t know how to reach them.

This is the perfect place to start.

 I’d like to share details of the Connecting the Dots Membership with you.

Connecting the Dots is a nurturing community of likeminded business owners, supporting each other as you become comfortable with getting your business visible, held by my team and I as we guide you using our decades of PR experience.

When we create a collective such as this, we create a powerful and inspiring place where we can co-manifest incredible friendships, connections, and successes. We learn how to share our expertise and bring light and truth to a larger audience through crafting irresistible and lucrative PR pitches. This is about authentic, natural storytelling.


  • Who knows more about your dots… you.
  • Who knows the most about your business… you.
  • Who is best placed to share your truth… you.
  • Who do the media want to talk to… you.
  • Can I help you connect the dots?  Absolutely.
  • Have I done it before? So many times!


And don’t take my word for it... 

“I am a firm believer in the Universe connecting me with the right people on my path and meeting Sarah was totally one of those moments. After our initial discovery call, I opted to join her membership, and booked an Alchemy session as well. OH my goodness, what a treat. I told her my various stories of my life and my work and BOOM she produced magic.  There was a whole new way of looking at all of my work, my gifts and how to share that with the world.  

Sarah truly has a gift for connecting the dots and making sense of you as a business owner and soul.  Within days of meeting her she had already started connecting me with people in the industry, got me an opportunity in a magazine and she is so generous with her time and her knowledge.   

I am excited for our journey to unfold, and if you haven’t yet sat down with Sarah, book a call today and see how she can create magic for you.”

Yolandi Boshoff, Connecting the Dots Member, Founder of Divine Soul and Author of The Starseed Sacred Circle.

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