Let’s reframe this; YOUR perception is everything.

I’ve tried to write this post several times, but couldn’t get the energy right.

Now this beauty is flowing… so here goes.

  • How you take information that is fed to you and use it (or not) is up to you.
  • How you handle a situation is your choice.
  • How you choose to perceive this past year… yeah its on you
  • Ask yourself – has there been any good to come out of your situation this year?

See where I am going here?

I’ve just been journaling on what 2020 has been like for me.

So, here’s the thing. I can summarise it in one word.


All the things that have led me to this point, have been for me; for mine, and my husbands and my kid’s growth.

We came back for this.

To be here now. To experience all the things.

The growth, the grief, anger, the tears, the letting go… has been painful and uncomfortable; but it has been magical, joyful, fun and colourful. We need the light AND the dark in our lives. It keeps us balanced.

So, here’s my perception – we can get caught up in all the stuff we are being fed, we can continue to sit, tut and shake our heads at these people telling us how to live and die in a box.

OR we can take a dive in all the greatness, love, and magic that is just the other side of all that.

By the way this entirely and totally perceived as ‘selfish’.

Why shouldn’t you be selfish in what YOU need. Again, YOUR choice.

I took the glasses off, got a reframe. Maybe you should too?

2020 has been epic. I cannot wait for 2021.

Love Sarah

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