I love chatting to others about what PR is, and how it can amplify your message. The one question that often comes up, but never gets asked is… so what EXACTLY is PR? Simply put, ‘PR is when someone else says you are good’.

These days, with more access to technology and each other than ever before, we have all become journalists in some way. We share articles that trigger or inspire us, post about issues that affect our daily lives, and even recommend other people’s amazing coaching skills, or reiki sessions. All of this by the way is public relations. Good old-fashioned word of mouth. And when someone else, YOU trust is telling you to get that book or try that coach, you more often than not check it out. When the media (or publications you trust) says your shiz is good, then people you never met before, will also think… well this shiz is good I’ll go try it out, buy it, follow you etc. And voila a new connection is made. 

Do you see how powerful that is? 

I had a lovely profile piece appear in Spirit & Destiny in November, and I can tell you that 3 people reached out as a result of that piece to talk about different ways I could potentially help them.

And those are the people I know about.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about how to get started, I have created a freebie download “Top 5 Ways to Get PR Ready” which can get you started.

Love, Sarah

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