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Welcome to Connecting the Dots!

with IndigoSoul PR


You have landed here because you are curious, curious about how you can further make a difference to the world – by enhancing and expanding on the work you are already doing. By signing up to our course, you are further investing in you, your service or product. We aim to provide you, as part of this course, the clarity and guidance to aid you to tell your story – whilst cheer you on and support you every step of the way!

30 Days… with support


The programme runs over 30 days. Over 4 weeks we will guide and furnish you with knowledge, tools and insights so you have a greater understanding about how you can harness the power of PR and social media. The goal is to give you the confidence to find real opportunities, so you can secure media coverage and create the right vibe on social media, so you can attract the right tribe!

Each module will be unlocked each week – there will be downloadable content for you to use and some practical exercises for you to complete.

All this will include weekly group meetings to answer any questions and go through that week’s content if needed.

At the end of the course you will have a greater understanding about what types of story the media and those on social media are looking for, you will be able to create pitches, press releases and have the confidence to reach out to the media to tell your story.

There will be a group set up for enrolled to ensure regular contact.

2 x 30 minute consults in that time

30 minute wrap up – follow up call post

Bonuses include

Media Templates


We will offer a package of downloadable documents you can use as guidance to develop your own releases and pitch.

Social Media Guidance


Top ten tips download you can print out and refer to, to support your social media efforts.

Top 5 Media contacts


We will provide you with your top 5 Media contacts – this will be tailored during the course of the programme and provided on completion.

Sign up today and let’s get you visible!