There is a new energy percolating…The energy of change.

This brave new focus you and your business are taking.

This past year will have been all able pivoting, planting the seeds of intention, building your business foundation, writing the book. And from that foundation springs roots – roots that need to find the sun.

In order to thrive, any new business, brand, product or service needs to be seen.

Something we can all be guilty of doing, we create this new shiny thing and sometimes don’t want to share it, afraid of judgement OR not really knowing where to start.

That is why I have created the Connecting the Dots PR Toolkit. I have spent many years working with major and small businesses to share their stories in the media, and I understand that the not knowing is something that holds us back.

The PR Toolkit is something I create for all my clients to help them take those first steps to sharing their stories, and I wanted to make it available to as many business owners as possible so they have some idea of what first steps they can take.

What is included? 

How to create your own coverage

a cheat sheet which enables you to find opportunities to contribute on your terms (especially great if you are a writer)

How to start your framework

Using external themes and days are a good start point to plan your content plan.

How to write a press release

A basic how to write a release – with one to follow for reference

5 Ways to Get PR Ready

The 5 things I always set in motion whenever I work with a new client. Knowing the answers to the questions within is a good foundation for sharing your business story

How to pitch or reach out to journalists

This one pager is a great way to help you reframe each relationship you are trying to build and is tried and tested!

The PR Toolkit

The idea is to help you get in the mindset of what you need to have in order to share your voice far and wide.

The media and social media community groups are a great way to amplify and share your business, these downloads will help you best position yourself to not only the media but the people you want to share your message with.

And if you have any questions or want more of a deeper dive you can either access my online course; OR I offer mini alchemy hour sessions where we can answer any questions, or I can help you connect the dots even further for you.

I just made ‘Top Ten Energy Healer of the year”; and appeared in Natural Health – both there a result of the good vibes we have, and putting Sarah’s Toolkit into practice.

Yolandi Boshoff

Energy Healer

I have used Sarah’s PR Toolkit, and as a result I have gained the confidence I needed to pitch myself out to the press to share not only my book, but my own business story. I couldn’t believe it when ITV messaged me back about my story, and a day later there I was on ITV!

Jo Gifford

Author, Podcaster

Sarah’s how to write a press release and example was exactly what I needed to help me launch my new book this year, the guidance has given me confidence in pitching out my own story and I am having conversations with Spirit & Destiny and Soul & Spirit this year!

Tracey Shearer

Writing Coach and Fiction Author