This morning it hit me. How we are ALL connected.

I actually saw the threads between us all. It was a mind blown moment. It also affirmed what I, and so many others know. That when your tribe appears in your life, community feeling, the circles upon circles and circles of people, that all overlap; we are all connected. When you take that time to truly open up to receiving help, guidance, love, light from all the places, AND you widen your circles more help arrives, more support arrives, more LOVE arrives.

‘Bit deep Sarah for a Monday morning’… 

It is, but stick with me… the old habits taught us our group was our group and that was that, we locked ourselves in.

  • We didn’t allow ‘just’ anyone in… we turned our backs on the other groups. Even if the group started to hurt us, it got toxic, it didn’t serve any more.
  • We clung to it because we had history. We didn’t know where else to go. We felt all out of options. Like an addiction – chasing that initial ‘love’ high.
  • If you did hang out with another group, then that was treacherous to your original group, so you were ousted, or it got hard, clinging to the hope and feeling of belonging.
  • Why is it so hard to let go of a situation like that? I am guessing it’s because we used to feel held and supported.

And something changed. You changed or they did. And all of that… is totally ok and healthy. What if you could dip in an out of other tribes, you could bring other tribe members to other tribes, and so on. With none of the BS I described. You could collaborate on all the levels – with no agenda, just because you could share the love?

What then? 

My hope is my membership is like that… we hold you, help you to connect dots and work through anything stopping you sharing your voice. The thing is, it’s not just me connecting the dots, all the members connect each other’s dots too, growing our families or tribes. You join wanting help to share, you leave with friends and a wider circle of connections…

If this sounds like your kind of place, then drop me a line to find out more or Join me over in my Facebook Group – Connecting the dots!

Love, Sarah