Quantum PR is using your energy or quantum field to assist you in sharing your mission or purpose to reach more of your people.

So how do we work with the quantum field when you relate it to publicity… well I’ll tell you.

  1. Understand what it is that you are here to share, and who you need to reach – I call it establishing your dots. Then put your cosmic orders into the universe to start to bring them into your energy field
  2. Clarity on dots – then start to call in opportunities, connections and titles that are in alignment with YOUR truth, purpose, mission. When you copy others, it gets hard. Forbes isn’t for everyone you know! It also means, once you call in the ops, say yes to those that feel good! Not because you feel obligated, feel into it, and you’ll know it’s right for you – if it’s a no… it’s a no
  3. In Flow is SO important. Allowing it to be EASY, fun, enjoyable – if it feels hard – ask yourself why it’s hard? Are you making it hard, are you out of alignment? Change perspective!
  4. Detachment from attachment – don’t make it all about that ONE title or opportunity. It is also so important to keep your powder dry until coverage appears – breathe into it and wait until it feels safe to share you are appearing in the press 💜 Notice self-sabotaging behaviour – ego – fear of sharing – focus on truth and mission
  5. Share from the Heart – when your coverage drops, it is meant to happen, so you absolutely should share it. Share from a place of love, teach and inspire others – not get one over on the competition. It’s not cool, and the energy will be felt in your posts tainting the amazingness you just achieved.


If you are ready to share and embrace quantum PR?! You can download my PR Toolkit right now 💜

Love, Sarah