A PR Alchemist; Imagine a place, where you get to hang out with magical folk. Conversation is unlimited. Anything goes. No Judgement. Just play. From the use of swear words in social media and what it means on a deep trauma level.

  • To how the big decisions in our lives are being made by a bunch of men in suits, and the patriarchy is, whilst it is crumbling, still very much there in all our lives….
  • To how someone close to us triggered us which unravelled as an important lesson we could educate others on before our eyes…

Imagine then taking those experiences and conversations and spinning them in to gold. That my friends is #Alchemy. Where ideas for social media, podcast discussions, links to media agenda and feature opportunities all percolate. In a nurturing and fun space. We all sit in circle, all equal. All bringing our own genius and expertise to the discussion.

How does that feel to you? 

This is but a glimpse of what happens in my ‘How to do PR’ membership group. Each member is connecting the right dots for them. Some have secured regular columns in magazines, some are posting more regularly on their blogs or have clarity on their message, some are kicking off their new podcasts or coming up with new ideas to share on their social media.

It’s all awareness.

It is transmuting any blocks felt when sharing our stories outside of our comfort zones.

If you want to hang out with us every other Monday and create some magic, drop me a line.

No count down clocks, no rush, all I ask is you are open to divine timing. The universe has a plan, and you will know if this is part of yours.

Come join us, become a PR alchemist and sit by the fire; it can get a bit cold and lonely out there.

Love, Sarah

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